7-12-09 Questlove @ Liv - Rock the Bells Afterparty

Sun 7/12 || Questlove @ Liv
Free tickets (see below)

Ok...the party is back. We've managed to drag the hardest working man in show business away from his new late night gig with Jimmy Fallon just for one night. ?love himself will be taking you a musical journey that you are sure to remember. Come on out. Guaranteed good time.

President Obama called and asked us to help out with the stimulus plan...so we got a whopping 10 free tickets that we're giving away via Twitter. Just follow and be among the first 10 to tweet back.


For those that are slow with the thumbs, batteries die before they get to follow, don't know what twitter is, don't adopt technology that has "no value or obvious practicality"...tickets below.

We're presenting this one at a discount for our beloved peoples. $1 off for every finger on your strong hand and if that wasn't enough an additional $1 for your thumb!!!!

Discounted tickets link below.