7-4-09 The Most Exclusive 4th of July Party in the City

****** This Independence day, ********the presence of positive patronhood is being requested upon to join an exclusive and private social organization.
LifeMassive LLC & On the Lo Productions Proudly Present: " Day&Nite@Best "
an initial launch gala; for membership to this allegiance.-

These events will take place at Wisconsin Overlook; a Private 5 story Luxury Loft establishment,located at 2136 Wisconsin Ave NW, in Glover Park.
- Entrance Accessible Around Corner on W Place in Private Parking Lot Available for Daytime Fun...
- This Establishment features a Rooftop with one of the Most Exquisite Views of the Entire City.
- Their will be two separate functions;with the day function beginning at 3 pm and the nite function beginning at 10 pm.

Some of the most accomplished chefs in D.C. will be featured, cooking some of the most delicious dishes all day for your delectability.- Music provided live w/ the Most LifeMassive Sound System, wired through each floor of the building & lot.

These functions benefit the most upliftingof Grass-Roots Causes, ** KBC Learning ** (kbclearning.com),- Actively improving the lives of many children in the the most troubled parts of Jamaica; through education and facilitation of pro-active learning centers.- Persons of all ages & all backgrounds will be in attendance. We Kindly request the interest of professional and progressive persons looking to support such a cause while enjoying themselves with the only the most proper of etiquette.

Tickets can be purchased online at www.FlipthaScript.Com's online store.
$40 Day. $30 Nite.
$50 12 hour access/donation.

- The Day portion includes complimentary Food/Beverages
- Nite portion- complimentary Beverages.. Only the Best..- The Combined Package is a Supply You Can Not Deny.

- PLEASE RSVP to GUARANTEE ENTRYFull Name & Email if not Purchasing Ticket- No Plus 1s- All Names Accounted For:JULY4thDC@Gmail.com