8-29-09 Cool Kids Pool Party/Sneakersuite Cookout

Washington, DC (Southwest):
Saturday, August 29th
High Noon - Evening (12p-8p)

join us this saturday at noon @ the capitol skyline hotel as we celebrate four years of service for the Sneaker Suite! 

who ever thought that a 24th birthday party in 2005 at eyebar would amount to a fully functioning boutique event firm a few years later serving clients such as scion, ciroc, and more! 

producing events solely for the greater good of your enjoyment has been and will forever be our mission. 

with the birthday celebrations of dj heat, tabi bonney, tc, iCan, and many more, this birthday poolout will be one to remember! 

all day pool pass: $10 (kid friendly)
food: $7
drinks: $5 & under
towels: $3 (bring your own)

live performances by:

tabi bonney & friends!


check out our special vip sponsor broccoli city as they showcase their latest offerings for late 2009 season with a fashion show mid event. 

also on deck is stunner of the month. a subscription service that gets you a free pair of stunner shades every month for the low low. you know?


# Pronunciation: \ˈsī-ən\

scion continues to push the envelope AS always. check for their latest and greatest etched along the exterior.

scion also launch a new “brand manifesto” campaign, intended to engage a new youthful audience of creative influencers. check for it!


our nuvo team joins us once more for an amazing complimentary champagne toast commemorating life! be sure to engage as we all have a lot to celebrate!


since 2005, the grand high squad has been a partner in the sneaker suite movement. what better way to celebrate 4 years than to have q back on site exploding his designs for your enjoyment AND collection.


dj tittsworth (international), dj heat (wpgc 95.5/big tigger), and more...

lets all enjoy the last few weeks of summer team!!

For directions please visit http://capitolskyline.com

For more on the summer camp series please visit http://brightestyoungthings.com

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