9-17-09 John Forte @ LIV

John Forte ( Fugees All Star) TONIGHT
After being featured on NPR, The Village Voice, and BET, John Forté brings his hip-hop laden soul to Club Liv on Thursday, September 17th. John Forté received a Grammy Nomination for songs he produced for The Fugees’ multi-platinum album, The Score. In addition to touring with the band and performing on Wyclef Jean’s solo debut, John Forté also recorded two full length solo albums featuring the likes of Herbie Hancock, Esthero, Tricky, and Carly Simon. After serving 7 years in prison, and being pardoned by George Bush, John Forté is back on the road promoting his new recording, StyleFREE the EP. Check out the next level of John Forte’s artistry when he performs at Liv on Thursday, September 17th.

Forte Flyer