*****New Location, New Time, Enhancehed Show******

Peace Family & friends,We pray this message reaches you in the greatest of health and highest of spirits. Everything is on the Up And Up and I'm inviting you to our weekly Open Mic show with featured house band Mambo Sauce, hosted by Michael Thompson of Lissen Band and Black Boo of Mambo Sauce.

The event now includes a happy hour from 6 to 8pm which will include 1,2, and 3 dollar drink specials along with a $5.00 food menu. We would love for you to be a part of this!

The show takes place every Tuesdays @ 8:30pm @ Bohemian Caverns 2001 11th Street NW, Washington, DC. Admission is free with a suggested donation price of $5.00 (But please donate what you believe the show is worth :) . The show is strictly based on audience donations, so please SUPPORT! Here is a run-down of the show:

It is 4-segment show which includes the Up And Up lyrical showcase, weekly feature, open mic artist, and jam session.

-The lyrical showcase is the only scheduled acapella section of the show ; it features three artist that will present their written works to the audience for two rounds consecutively. However this is not a battle or competition, it's a written sharing session

-The Open Microphone list is circulated prior to start of show, however its traditionally called out of order due to balance of show (There is a possibility that a performer may sign the list and be unable to perform). There will be NO tracks played from CDs, all performers MUST perform to the house band (Mambo Sauce) and they each have 3 minutes to perform their set.

- The Jam Session consist of artist that where unable to perform during the Open Mic due to time constraints but may have signed the open mic list or may have already performed, each artist gets one verse to be performed to the House Band!

-Weekly Features are selected by the UAU Open Microphone Committee.

....Hope to see you soon...Peace!

*****New Location, New Time, Enhancehed Show******