Alison Carney LIVE in DC

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Wednesday, January 13 



Layla Lounge

501 Morse Street Northeast

Washington, DC 20002-7011

(202) 543-5541

cover: $10

The MetroMuse Concert Series gives artists a platform to showcase their music weekly.  This Wednesday, come hear Alison Carney & Terrence Cunningham perform Live.




Thursday, January 14

show starts 930pm


Ben's Next Door

1211 U Street Northwest

Washington, DC 20009-4465

(202) 667-8880

cover: the door is always open

Thursday nights at Ben's Next Door are a treat! Hosted by Wes Felton, this event is geared for true art lovers, and we truly mean art of all kinds.  We invite you to eat, drink, and enjoy HONEST music. This week Alison will perform music from her upcoming album while renowned visual artist/painter Demont Peekaso will be there to create an amazing piece.




Friday, January 15th




1334 U St NW 

Washington, DC 20009

(202) 667-3222

cover: varies


This is an event for the fun lovers.  Alison, along with J. Hill and The Band (S.Prather, D.Face, Z.Cutler, D.Turner, & J.Warren) are there all night to entertain! Come hear songs that you can definitely sing along to and enjoy something different than a regular Friday night at "the club!"




So, clearly you have NO excuse to miss Alison Carney this week!!!!!!!! Come out to one if not ALL the events and make sure you forward this message to everyone you know.  We want each event to be as amazing as possible.


Thanks again for supporting HONEST MUSIC


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