2-5-10 Lux Fridays @ Lux Lounge

Join Suite 202 , the evenings hosts Taz Wube and all our celebrity friends as we bring you LUX Lounge this Friday. Be sure to join me on the 2nd floor as I give away FREE Shotsto get the party started off right. With DJ Harry Hotter spining the hits on the 3rd floor, FREE shots on the 2nd, and DC's hottest reggae/soca room on the 1st it's easy to understand why Friday @ LUX Lounge is DC's number one Friday event....."Let us show you what separates a good party from a great one!!"

To RSVP for complimentary before 12 MIDNIGHT FREE ENTRY e-mail all FIRST & LAST name additions as well as a e-mail address for each guest to: S.Jones@DejaDirect.com by 6:00 PM each and every Friday. Please include "LUX" as your subject.