5-29-09 Jamaica Jumpoff @ Ozios

Your Social evening continues into the night with Beau Monde.
This Friday, Ozio presents the DC Area's Official Jamaica Jumpoff Send Off Party. Mix and Mingle with all of the areas 2009 Jamaica Jumpoff Travelers as we prepare for our escape to paradise!
We define our social existence based on our qualities and character. Deserving of high society and social excellence, we present to you this exclusive VIP environment at the distinctive Ozio Cigar & Martini Lounge. Celebrities, sports icons, and notable socialites have all graced the threshold of Ozio. Break the monotony of Friday nights and come experience Beau Monde at Ozio Martini and Cigar Lounge.
High Definition Audio by SupaScotty on the 2nd floor and DJ Hostility on the VIP levels.
Master of Ceremony Ra-Ra "The Party Starter"
^Email ozio@raraandscotty.com with first and last names and email addresses accompanied with each reservation by 5pm Friday, May 29th.
^List grants complimentary admission before 11pm and reduced admission until 12am