Pandora Thursdays

Last week 2000+ embraced Pandora. Experience the true emotion that Pandora evokes. This week
America's most inspired event goes nuts as we present Musiquarium III: The Disco - Dr. Miles Gray's
Birthday Event with Grammy Winning Super Producer Just Blaze

PANDORA2009: The Disco: Music By Grammy Winning Super Producer Just Blaze
Thursday, May 14th Private Event Mandatory RSVP Here
Please RSVP by 4pm.

Open Bar 5p to 6p • Happy Hour 5p to 8p • Dinner 5p to 10p • Dance until 2am

Our solitary driving lust for the past year has been to make you move. To push you closer to a
nearly emotional experience. Closer to that moment when the Ciroc and the music meet and for a
second you feel it. You’re in the disco. We love that sensation. For nearly a complete lap around
the sun, we’ve chased it together... let's chase it one more time. Forget the celebrities. Forget all
the press. Let's get dressed up on a Thursday night, eat some cake, and chase that feeling. Grammy
Award Winning Super Producer, Just Blaze will assist. Pandora has changed the way people look
at luxury evening entertainment. Imitators, naysayers, and true believers have all witnessed Pandora
come into her own. In 2009 we embrace a future based largely on the truth that you should
always be there, you should always be beautiful, and you deserve to be seen.

1. RSVP for membership and complimentary VIP admission before 10pm.
Email by 4pm Thursday, May 14th.

2. Please include full names & email addresses of all your guests.
Incomplete RSVPs will not be honored.

w. Triple Crown, Rashad Jenkins, IDC GROUP
w. PANDORA2009: The Disco: Hosted By Grammy Winning Super Producer Just Blaze
w. Thursday May 14th • 5pm - 2am
w. The Park at Fourteenth | 920 14th St. NW • Washington DC
w. Your Finest Attire is Requested. Be there. Be beautiful.
Open Bar 5p to 6p • Happy Hour 5p to 8p • Dinner 5p to 10p • Dance until 2am
feat. Just Blaze