10-29-09 Sy Smith @ Ben's Next Door

Who’s Next? Tuesday’s at Next Door.
a new weekly event starting Oct.6th

D.C. Premiere venue for Independent artists to meet new fans, share and sell their music, bless fans through performance and gain exposure.

We at Next Door want to introduce you to Great Music. The real music from independent artists that don’t get played mainstream radio, that have more talent and spirit than most of the artists whose songs get played every 20 minutes on the radio, who are real role models and mentors. Come meet the artists that should be huge, hear their music, buy a signed CD. Help make the next star at Next Door.

Oct.6th = V.Rich
Oct.13th= Chinah Blac
wed.Oct.21st= Jon Bibbs
thursday.Oct.29th= Sy Smith

Start Time:
Tuesday, October 6, 2009 at 7:35pm
Bens Next Door
1211 U st. NW
Washington, DC