::EXCLUSIVE::: Diamonds in the RAW

Diamonds In The Raw is a new book about the development of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia)Music Movement from the past to the present. Diamonds In The Raw will be in area bookstores early next week, but you can get a copy now by sending me an e-mail (dcsupersid@aol.com or diamondsintheraw@hotmail.com). I will also be at the Howard Univ. Homecoming this weekend with copies of the book for sale.

Here are a few quotes from Diamonds In The Raw:

"Fat Rodney was like B.I.G. before B.I.G. was B.I.G." - Chucky Thompson

"Freestyle Union has made my standards so high. I have traveled all over the world. I have yet to witness that many masterful freestylers in one space." - Toni Blackman

"We were one of the first bands with a more hard driving beat. Raw Image laid the foundation for the Bounce Beat." - Big Sixx

"The Breakdown is the beat the Backyard Band made popular. It's basically the same beat from "Work The Walls" - DK (The Unseen Band)

"I will challenge any band, even The Roots and other mainstream groups - let's go toe-to-toe with all original material and we'll come out on top." - Whop (aka Wisdom Speaks)

"The DMV got started at 'The Spot' (on Marlboro Pike) - it's what we call 'The Realist' of DC today." - DJ Jaymo

"Payola is supposed to be illegal but everyone in DC's underground knows what the deal is." - Hitmaka

"I know payola is real because I've taken it." - Paul Porter (former DJ on WKYS and WHUR)

"Tru Skool was a weekly event where MC's came to be an MC." - Flex Mathews

"I had gained a following in New Orleans. If you look at the cover of my album, you don't have to be genius to figure out where Lil' Wayne got his style from." - Black Indian

Diamonds In The Raw also features interviews and commentary from:

DC Scorpio, Stinky Dink, Nonchalant, DJ Red Alert (from NYC), Section 8 Mob, Poem-Cees, Skinny Corleone, Tony Blunt, The Oy Boyz, DJ Kool, Judah, 20 Bello, Carty Yeah, Go-Go Michelle, Tabi Bonney, Chucky Thompson, Kokayi, Toni Blackman, Head-Roc, Storm the Unpredictable, Whitefolkz, Dre "All Day In The Paint", Brother Maniac, Kingpen Slim, DJ Jaymo, DJ Heat, Black Indian, Likeblood, Lyriciss, Hitmaka, Whop (Wisdom Speaks), X.O., Pro Verb, Young Sleep, Raheem DeVaughn, and many more.